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Şimşek Plastik strengthens its offer thanks to Sipa

Şimşek Plastik strengthens its offer thanks to Sipa

Major Turkish converter Şimşek Plastik has made an important investment in Sipa single-stage injection-stretch blow moulding technology. In April of last year, it acquired an ECS SP 25 unit with four cavity moulds set for its plant in Konya, around 270 km south of Ankara. Pleased with the success of that system, Şimşek Plastik has now had Sipa install three larger machines.

The latest additions are three units of ECS SP 80 types, with different levels of cavitation: one has five moulds, the second has six moulds, and the third has nine moulds. They will be used to produce bottles between 200 and 1000 mL in size, for very different applications, including detergent, eau de Cologne, and beverages. Outputs are up to 2,700 bottles per hour. “We wanted to replace some old machines and we were looking for an alternative to another supplier of ISBM machines,” said Yasar Yildiz Account Manager for ISNM systems in the area. “The ECS units are robust, they can produce up to 16 cavities and a wide range of containers or they can install only two cavities for 10-litre containers, and they don’t use a lot of energy.”

ECS SP machines use a hybrid drive technology, obtaining precision and speed from servo-electrics drives, while hydraulics perform more “workhorse” tasks. Result is an ideal combination of high performance and low energy consumption. Moulds are made by Stavax material and equipped in a standard configuration with valve-gated hot runners for production of premium quality containers. An important advantage for a company like Şimşek Plastik, which produces containers in diverse shapes and sizes, is that the same hot runner system can produce different types of preforms, with only the cold half needing to be changed. This saves money, as well as time at format changeovers.

Şimşek Plastik is among the leading companies in its sector in Turkey. “We are happy to add value to the products of dozens of international brands in many different sectors. With our internationally accepted production power in the sector, we have delivered Şimşek Plastik quality to many points of our country.”, the company commented.

Source: Macplas


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