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Turkish plastic companies in Plast 2018

Turkish plastic companies in Plast 2018

The heart of the plastic and rubber processing machinery sector, one of the main industries with an annual manufacturing capacity of Euro 35 billion, show at the International Plastic and Rubber Industry Fair (PLAST) to be held on 29 May – 1 June in Milan. Stating that they would carry out an effective promotion activity at the fair to be visited by more than 50 thousand people, the President of Machinery Exporters’ Association (MAIB), Mr. Kutlu Karavelioğlu, said: “With Turkish participants, we will take our investments in the area of Plastic and Rubber Processing Machinery to the international showcase.” Also President of Turkish Plastics Industrialists’ Association (PAGDER), Mr. Selcuk Gulsun said: “33 leading Turkish plastic companies attend at the exhibition. Europe region is most important export market for Turkey and we care Europe’s qualified an event is Plast.”

The Plast Fair, held every 3 years in Milan, will bring together in Milan more than 1,500 firms from the plastic and rubber sectors and the automotive, building and construction, electrics and electronics, information and telecommunications, packaging, raw materials, design, and recycling sectors. At the Plast, one of the largest fairs of the Plastic and Rubber Processing Machinery sector, whose global trade volume has reached USD 26 billion per annum, Turkey’s manufacturers will come together with international participants.

At the Fair, which is expected to be a focus of interest for environment-friendly products developed in the plastic and rubber sector, Turkish Plastics Industrialists’ Association (PAGDER-Hall-11, Booth No.-D11) and Machinery Exporters’ Association (MAIB-Hall-13, Booth No:D11) will also participate in the Fair.

Plast’s All Turkish Exhibitiors:

Company Hall/Booth Number Product/Serving Category
Akkaya EPS 11/C142 EPS, EPP Machinery
Almak Makina 13/A161 Screw and Barrel
Altek 13/A161 Recycling Machines
Anadolu Mikronize 9/A151-152 Calcium Carbonate
Arcplast 9/A151-A152 Packaging
CCIE in Turchia 11/D21 Association
Damla Plast 13/A31 Drip Irrigation Systems
Dikey Makina 15/B171-172 Film Extruders
EMF Motor 13/A09 Engines
Epro EPS 11/B131 Foam Machinery
Eryıldız Makina 15/B162 Printing Machines
Eurotec Engineering Plastics 9/C101 Engineering Plastics
Gema Polimer 9/C72 Engineering Plastics
Gulmer Mining 9/C94 Minerals
Hurmak 24/B151 Injection Machines
Izmir Essay- IMS Polymers 9/A151-152 Engineering Plastics
Nigtas 9/A151-152 Minerals
Ozgulmak 15/D171 Film Extruders
PAGDER 11/D11 Association
PAGEV 11/D01 Association
pnTurkey 15/B149 Publishing
Puls Elektronik 15/C62 Electronic Devices
Ravago 9/A41-42 TPEs, Engineering Plastics
RTC Tec 22/B22 Coupling Parts
Sarem 13/A91 Extruders
Sisan 9/A151-152 Masterbatches
So Fuar 9/A151-152 Exhibition Company
Sozal Kimya 9/A151-152 Masterbatches
TCE Converting 15/C166 Printing, Lamination Machines
Tekbay Kalıp 24/B125 Plastic Moulds
Tisan Engineering Plastics 9/A12 Engineering Plastics
Turkish Machinery (MAIB) 13/C02 Association
Tuyap (Plast Eurasia) 11/D05 Exhibition Company

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