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Flokser received incentive investment of TRY 846 million

Flokser received incentive investment of TRY 846 million

Ministry of Industry and Technology announced the investment incentive decisions for August. According to the published incentive certificate decisions; a total of TRY 38 billion 165 million incentives will be given for 868 investments. Flokser Kimya, which received an investment of TRY 846 million within the scope of the incentive, accelerated its activities in Tarsus for the polyurethane production factory, which it plans to start construction in 2023.

Flokser Kimya, which produces polyurethane systems with nearly 20 years of experience and knowledge in the chemical industry, exports to more than 55 countries and provides innovative solutions to many sectors with polyurethane, polyurea, polyester products in construction, footwear, sole, furniture, automotive, adhesive, white goods, insulation sectors.

Stating that the incentive granted by the Ministry of Industry and Technology is an important support for their investments and R&D studies; Flokser Kimya General Manager Ekin Tukek said, “With our new investment planned in Tarsus Organised Industrial Zone, we will increase our competencies by developing new products for different sectors in which we have not previously operated in Turkey and internationally. While increasing our production capacity and exports with the incentive we received, we will also intensify our work on high value-added, sustainability-oriented products such as recycling and bio-based polyurethane systems. In addition to increasing our production capacity and diversity, with our investment in the Tarsus region, which has a strategic location, our access to both internal and international markets will be Flokser Kimya General Manager Ekin Tukek much easier. We plan our new facility in Tarsus, which attracts attention with its proximity to ports and border gates and developing industrial activities, to be a worldclass production center while attracting attention with its modern, efficient, and environmentally friendly features. Our facility, which will be built on an area of 63,000 m2, will host production, research, and social areas and will consist of approximately 30,000 m2 of closed area. With its modern structure and innovative and green energy-oriented designs that will be based on sustainability, it will be one of the leading structures that will be an example in our sector. We plan to employ 82 people at the first stage in our facility, which we plan to start production in 2024.”


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