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Şenmak German Office coming into operation in 2018

Şenmak German Office coming into operation in 2018

The leading screw and barrel manufacturer of Turkey, Şenmak Machinery moved all of its administrative and production facilities to Hadımköy. Maintaining its manufacturing operations and new investments at its plants having a 5,000-sqm. indoor area, Şenmak revealed its investment plan for the next decade thanks to its new facilities.

Selim Şen, the Deputy General Manager at Şenmak Machinery, remarked that their plants located in İkitelli OIZ failed to accommodate the growing volume of business along with the growing plastics industry, and said: “We were unable to find any location at our former plant to expand for capacity increase and new machinery investments. The requirement was the relocation without interrupting our manufacturing activities, and we completed our relocation process about within a month. Thanks to our new facilities, we are now capable of offering our customers a faster and more efficient manufacturing process.”

Pointing out that they are aware of necessities introduced by today’s competitiveness, Şen said: “We had consultancy services from several organizations during the relocation process regarding the layout of in-facility machinery. We aim to offer screws and barrels we manufacture to many of our renowned customers both in Turkey and Europe in industries ranging from automotive to electrics-electronics, packaging, white and brown goods, rubber, cable, and pipe-profile.”

German Office coming into operation in 2018

Reporting that they supply screws and barrels for plastic machine manufacturers based in Austria, Switzerland, France, and Finland along with numerous countries, particularly in Germany, Şen said: “2018 will also be the year of the establishment of our location in Germany for Şenmak having gradually increasing popularity in Europe with its registered quality.”


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