29.11.2023 - plastics news from Turkey

Plastic wastes recycled by the farmers achieving increased yield in the field

Plastic wastes recycled by the farmers achieving increased yield in the field

Operating in 70 countries in food, agricultural and industrial spheres, Cargill maintains the 1000 Farmers, 1000 Prosperity program in its second year in Turkey to enhance the productivity and prosperity of farmers in our country. The farmers, who are offered training in subjects ranging from planting to harvest as well as access to digital agricultural tools, and consultancy services exclusive to their fields as part of the program, apply zero waste management in the field while achieving a yield increase of up to 26 percent.

Murat Tarakcioglu, Chairman and CEO for Cargill Food Middle East, Turkey and Africa, pointed out that farmers achieved a yield increase up to 26 percent, exceeding the yield increase target of 15 percent set early in the season. With the project launched by ITUNOVA Technology Transfer Office of Istanbul Technical University (ITU), we worked for enabling solutions in support of farmers to the waste issue in the lifecycle from seed to product under the tutelage of Prof. Filiz Karaosmanoglu and in cooperation with the Turkish Plastics Industry Foundation (PAGEV).”

As Prof. Filiz Karaosmanoglu provided “zero waste” training to all the farmers involved in the program, an average of 2,860 kg of non-hazardous plastic waste and 400 kg of hazardous waste was collected under the project. The plastic wastes collected were made into plastic raw materials in the form of burrs or granules under the coordination of PAGEV Recycling Economic Entity (PAGCEV), avoiding 117 kg of greenhouse gas emission and saving 16 thousand 513 kWh of energy. Thus, 6.5 m3 of sanitary landfill was saved as well as 7.6 m3 of oil.


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