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OYAK merged Akdeniz Kimya and Chemson

OYAK merged Akdeniz Kimya and Chemson

OYAK has added a new one to its company merger moves focusing on efficiency and profitability. Following the merger of its companies in the cement and energy industries, OYAK merged Akdeniz Kimya, one of its companies operating in the chemical industry, and Chemson, an Austrian firm it acquired in 2013, under the name of “Akdeniz Chemson”. Thus, with its operations in five continents and sales to 110 countries, Akdeniz Chemson has reached a sales volume of US$ 500 million and has become the world’s largest company in the field of PVC stabilizers.

OYAK General Manager Süleyman Savaş Erdem: “We consider the pandemic process as a ‘period of determination’ for OYAK. In this process, we continue to join forces to build a more efficient and competitive structure. We have become the world’s largest PVC stabilizer company by merging Akdeniz Kimya, the market leader in Turkey, with Chemson, which operates on five continents. Thanks to this new structure, we have become a company that operates in almost every geography of the world, from Europe to Africa, from America to Asia, and from the Middle East to Australia.”

OYAK, the largest occupational pension fund in Turkey, has taken an important step in the chemical industry following the important mergers between cement and energy companies this year. Akdeniz Kimya, operating under Akdeniz Kimya, and the Austrian Chemson, one of the world’s leading PVC stabilizer manufacturers, which OYAK acquired in 2013, joined forces under the brand Akdeniz Chemson. Following this merger, Akdeniz Chemson became the world’s largest company in the field of PVC stabilizers.

Erdem: “We will increase our diversity in the industry and product groups as a result of the
OYAK General Manager Süleyman Savaş Erdem stated that they continue to shape their future horizon through strategic acquisitions and mergers during the pandemic process, which they call a ‘period of determination’. Erdem indicated that they aim to transform Akdeniz Chemson into a company that will develop and manufacture new products for different industries and markets, in addition to the existing product groups.

Erdem stated that Akdeniz Chemson will continue to grow in line with its vision of becoming a portfolio company in the industry.

Erdem pointed out that they have created a company that operates in all parts of the world through the merger and added, “This move will strengthen not only our production capacity, but also our sales and marketing operations. We have become a combined company with a sales volume of US$ 500 million by merging Akdeniz Kimya, the market leader in Turkey, with Chemson, which operates on five continents. Our aim is to create a volume of US$ 750 million through our production, sales and marketing activities.”

“We are the only organization that meets the raw material needs within its own structure”

Süleyman Savaş Erdem stated that Akdeniz Chemson is the world’s leading supplier and said, “The merger will lead us to the global market leadership and it will be a platform for the introduction of new products and industries in the chemical industry. We aim not only to manufacture PVC additives but also to manufacture specialized chemicals for the agriculture, construction and packaging industries. Akdeniz Chemson is the first and only company to produce many of the raw materials it uses, and we will continue our efforts to expand its operations in different regions and lead the industry with our vision for the future.”

Standing out with the value it creates and utilizing the savings opportunities in the industries in which it operates, OYAK will reach an annual production capacity of 250 thousand tons thanks to the Akdeniz Chemson merger. Akdeniz Chemson aims to become the sole center of the PVC industry by increasing its cross-product sales portfolio for the industries, and it will be selling to 110 countries. With focus markets including Europe, Russia, Turkic Republics, North Africa, the Middle East, the United States, China, Brazil and Australia, the company will operate with six production facilities operating on a product-based integrated structure. It will also have a more efficient management model with effective sales, marketing and technical support services at production locations. A combination of more than 40 years of experience, Akdeniz Chemson will continue to manufacture many of the calcium, zinc and lead-based stabilizer intermediate raw materials in its continuously developed modern production facilities.


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