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IKMIB paves the way to the chemical industry for disadvantaged individuals

IKMIB paves the way to the chemical industry for disadvantaged individuals

IKMIB has initiated a project to enable disadvantaged individuals with low income to be a job holder and join the labor market. Featuring the primary objective for “Poverty Reduction”, the project intends to contribute to the solution to the issue of qualified intermediate staff member needed in the chemical industry.

The chemical industry, one of the most paramount Turkish industries both in domestic and export markets, will serve as a labor area for those disadvantaged individuals, thanks to efforts by IKMIB.

IKMIB remarked that the chemical industry, incorporating many sub-industries from plastics to cosmetics and medicine to paint, suffered shortages at every level, but particularly regarding trained-qualified staff members. In an attempt to remedy this shortage, IKMIB announced that it initiated a new scheme with priority attached to those disadvantaged individuals.

The statement by IKMIB said “Istanbul Chemicals and Chemical Products Exporters Association” (IKMIB) commenced a new project that would deal with the need for skilled staff member with social sensitivity and aim at raising awareness across the industry. The Poverty Reduction Project Initiated by the Chemical Industry aiming at employing 100 individuals, who are socioeconomically disadvantaged, in various sub-industries of the chemical industry after the provision of vocational training was initiated in November”.

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