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Eco-friendly collaboration by retailer Migros and Kaptan Recycling Technologies

Eco-friendly collaboration by retailer Migros and Kaptan Recycling Technologies

Migros, the Turkish chain retailer, adopted the use of recycled plastics in the packaging of its original branded products.

Blazing a trail in Turkey again, Migros will make use of 25 percent recycled PET bottles in the manufacturing of its own dishwashing liquid brand and save energy up to 66 percent, salvaging approximately 10 tons of plastic from becoming waste under this project in 2021.

Remarking that plastic waste has become an increasing global issue due to deficiencies in the recycling infrastructure, and poses a threat to environmental health for being mixed in the entire ecosystem, Hulya Gunay, PhD, Quality and Environmental Management Director at Migros, said, “As part of this project developed to avoid plastic waste, PET bottles that reach the facilities of Kaptan Recycling Technologies are melted at 260oC degrees and run through high filtration devices. Re-pet granules are derived after these bottles are made completely hygienic. These granules produced are delivered to packaging manufacturers as raw materials, and thousands of plastic bottles are thus contained before they mix into the land and sea. Additionally, we control the operations covered by the project through the measurable and traceable certification system POPM (Prevented Ocean Plastic). We mark all our products packed with recycled PET bottles with the Prevented Ocean Plastic logo.”

Stressing that Migros will save approximately 10 tons of plastics from becoming waste in 2021 through this project, Hulya Gunay, PhD, stated that this would provide energy saving up to 66 percent and continued as follows: “At the subsequent stages of the project, we aim to grow the number of original branded-PL products using recycled plastic bottles in product packaging and to minimize the use of plastic in terms of weight of packaging in grams.”


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