20.09.2023 - plastics news from Turkey

DowAksa established global composite center focused on defense and aviation

DowAksa established global composite center focused on defense and aviation

DowAksa realized composite center investment focused on defense and aviation industry. In the investment, it is specified that the investment made by Undersecretariat of Defense Industry in the prepreg technology is effective. TUSAS (TAI) –the leader company of Turkey in aviation- and DowAksa made a decision for strategic development partnership.

In the explanation provided by the company, it is recorded that the opening of DowAksa Global Composite Center –designed to develop carbon fiber and advanced composite materials in Turkey, and having high technology- had been realized. The authorities of Undersecretariat of Defense Industry (SSM) and Turk Havacilik ve Uzay Sanayi A.S. (TUSAS) attended the opening ceremony. The center will first operate as focused on defense industry and aviation. The National Composite Center is realized as a newn investment for the carbon fiber and composite production campus of DowAksa in yalova. The first operation undertaken by the Composite Center became the IPEK project which is being supported by SSM, and jointly carried out by TUSAS and DowAksa. IPEK project is covering the development and production of prepreg materials for both the military and civil aviation applications.

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