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Turkish plastics industrialists are in the European arena

Turkish plastics industrialists are in the European arena

Turkish Plastics Industrialists’ Association (PAGDER) accomplished the project “Mutual Innovative Actions in Plastics Industry – Made-it Eco-Friendly” executed under the Civil Society Dialogue – IV Enterprise and Industrial Policy Grant Scheme executed by the Ministry for EU Affairs EU. Thanks to the project executed by GIZ-Grozd Plasttehnika – the Plasttechnics Cluster Slovenia, the Turkish companies had the opportunity to promote themselves and exchange information in Europe.

The project “Minapi – Mutual Innovative Actions in Plastics Industry – Made-it Eco-Friendly”, run by PAGDER with the funding from the European Union and the Ministry for EU Affairs, was concluded successfully. With the project featuring a budget of Euro 110 thousand, which is run in tandem with GIZ-Grozd Plasttehnika – the Plasttechnics Cluster Slovenia, the industrialists of both countries exchanged opinions on eco-friendly and energy efficient manufacturing processes. In addition, the Turkish companies involved in the project had the chance to promote themselves in European member states.

The project, developed by PAGDER with a view to enhance the share of highly innovative and eco-friendly products in total manufacturing rate across the industry, and raise awareness and provide information flow for this purpose, included business trips and field researches as well. Within the scope of the project, the examples of innovative, eco-sensitive and energy efficient product and manufacturing processes across the industry were identified and communicated.

For the conclusion part of the project, the methods out of innovations that contributed the most to the mitigation of carbon footprint were lined up as follows; reduction of energy consumption, use of less materials through the use of advanced engineering and innovative raw materials, zero-waste manufacturing plants, biopolymers, and recycling.

Throughout the project, a number of visits were conducted to 1 research institute, 2 industrial clusters and 1 chamber of commerce as well as 14 companies leading the innovative and eco-friendly manufacturing technologies across the Slovenian plastics industry.

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