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Thyssenkrupp to build two major polymer plants for SASA in Turkey

Thyssenkrupp to build two major polymer plants for SASA in Turkey

Uhde Inventa-Fischer, a Thyssenkrupp Industrial Solutions’ subsidiary, has pledged to build two huge polymer plants for SASA Polyester, in Adana, Turkey.

One plant will produce 1,050 tons per day of PET for low-viscosity applications. The second plant will use Uhde Inventa-Fischer’s MTR technology to make 216,000 tons per year of resin to make PET bottles. Both new plants are among the largest single-line production plants for their respective products.

Werner Steinauer, CEO of Uhde Inventa-Fischer: “We are very proud that SASA chose us to build another two state-of-the art PET plants after we were already contracted to build one of the largest polyester lines last year. Our commercially tried-and-tested MTR process provides our customers with optimized energy consumption, maximum utilization of feedstocks and effective plant operation, thus significantly reducing the total conversion cost compared with conventional technologies.”

The scope of delivery for both projects will include basic and detail engineering, the delivery of all necessary components, and technical services for erection, pre-commissioning and commissioning supervision.

The MTR process eliminates SSP (solid-state polycondensation) and leads to substantial energy savings. It reduces investment, operating and maintenance costs, has a higher raw material yield and results in products of superior quality. The MTR process is based on Uhde Inventa-Fischer’s proprietary 2-reactor technology.

The design of the polycondensation plant will be based on the same proprietary technology, which in this case enables the production of superior high-quality polyester polymer. A characteristic feature of the plant is that the polymer melt will be conveyed directly from the polycondensation plant to several downstream lines.

Source: EPPM

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