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The project to add value to waste plastics had its first year

The project to add value to waste plastics had its first year

The 4-year Demonstration of Innovative Technologies towards a more Efficient and Sustainable Plastic Recycling (PolnySpire) which is funded as part of Horizon 2020, Europe’s largest non-governmental R&D program, completed its first year. The project, involving Istanbul Chemicals and Chemical Products Exporters’ Association (IKMIB) and Kordsa as partners among 21 others, focuses on the development of innovative, cost-effective and sustainable solutions to enhance energy and resource efficiency in recycling plastic wastes generated after use.

As part of the project aiming to repolymerize the recycled raw material polyamide 6.6, the project stakeholders are working on the solution of some key issues as well as current technological deficiencies. The problems encountered throughout the project suggest that the available recycling technologies fail to provide an appropriate environment for recycling since the raw material polyamide 6.6 loses its purity as a result of compound applications and that chemical recycling is not a feasible solution.

After the results obtained, three distinct approaches which the project will focus in the next process are repolymerizing the used plastics by chemical recycling, enhancing the quality of mechanically recycled plastic wastes and using low quality plastic wastes in the steel industry as a source of carbon, primarily.

In addition, the PolnySpire project will allow for the development of a guiding database which will show the distribution of polyamide and polyurethane wastes throughout Europe to overcome legal barriers across the EU.

The PolnySpire project involving 23 partners, including academies and research institutions, public bodies, industrial organizations and SMEs, is carried out with a budget of EUR 9.95 million.


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