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Penti recycles 1 million waste PET bottles and 5 tons of PA waste

Penti recycles 1 million waste PET bottles and 5 tons of PA waste

Taking further its vision of sustainability, which has become a life style beyond being a trend rising all around the world, the underwear brand Penti took a major step to reduce the global carbon footprint. In association with Unifi, Penti recycled 1 million waste PET bottles and over 5 tons of industrial polyamide waste, present in the nature. Launched under the name of “I’M IN”, the collection using ‘repreve’ yarn instead of polyester and polyamide materials contributed to the achievement of 45 percent less energy and 20 percent less water consumed and 30 percent less emission produced.

Penti’s CEO Mert Karaibrahimoglu said, “Our “I’M IN” collection, featuring many things, tells the story of change and transformation. With this collection, we intend to save energy through an eco-friendly production management and to underline the actual contribution of the sustainability in fashion to the sustainability of the future.”

Penti achieved an increase in the amount of plastic waste discarded for recycling, and delivered 58 tons of plastic waste to the recycling process.


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