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Olebond®, provide efficiency in compounding

Olebond®, provide efficiency in compounding

Turkey’s engineering plastics producer Tisan has a new product group consists of maleic anhydride grafted polymers which was launched at the beginning of 2019 under Olebond® brand. Olebond® grades are the first production and branded of these materials in Turkey.

Maleic anhydride is grafted on to the polymers via reactive extrusion process said Ms. Binnaz Kavusturan, R&D Specialist of Tisan. “Maleic anhydride group activates the apolar group of polymers by grafting process. Due to grafting level and polymer type, these products are used as coupling agent, compatabilizer, impact modifier and adhesive agents in different markets which include polymers in their productions. Tisan has ability to produce different level of grafting according to the process and product requirements. There are different polymer types in Olebond® portfolio such as PP, PE, ABS and EVA. PP based Olebond® grades are used especially in PP compounds as a coupling agent between polymer and fillers. PE grades are divided into two groups. One of them is used as compatabilizer in different processes such as halogen-free cable compounds, multilayer pipes, co-extrusion, composite panels and PE blends with other polymers. Other PE based grades are impact modifiers for polyamides even at low temperature. ABS and EVA based grades can be used as compatibilizers in different products. Olebond® grades increase the efficiency in productions and compatible with recycle raw materials as well” she said.

A year after Olebond® launched, Tisan became one of the players in the production of maleic anhydride grafted polymers around the world. These products are approved and used by both local and international consumers which projects that Olebond is rapidly moving towards becoming a worldwide brand. Tisan will continue to offer innovative solutions with its expertise in technology and materials science.


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