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Interview with garden furniture producer Siesta

Interview with garden furniture producer Siesta

Pioneering the industry with the first production of plastic garden furniture in Turkey, Siesta was established in 1978 under the name of lşılplast Plastik Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş. and engaged in the manufacturing of plastic furniture in 1987. Operating on an indoor area of 50 thousand sqm in the western Istanbul since 1993, Işılplast has frequently made a name for itself with the recent sponsorships and awards. We have talked with Işılplast’s Chairman Tuncay Işıldar on many topics from the company’s 2020 performance to its range of products and Turkish Airlines Euroleague sponsorship.

Could you briefly talk about the branding story of Işılplast and Siesta?

Leading the sector with the its first production of plastic garden furniture, Siesta was established in 1978 under the title of lşılplast Plastik Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş. and it started to manufacture plastic furniture in 1987. In 1993, we moved to our factory in Buyukcekmece, and today we operate in our facilities with a closed area of 50 thousand square meters. With the breakthroughs we made in exports in 2004, we have now reached 500 sales points in more than 100 countries. There are more than 80 thousand exporting company in Turkey but it is us who are among the top 1000 exporters TIM for years.

– You produce high value-added products in the plastics industry that works with low profitability. What is the most important point that brings you one step ahead at this point?

We are one of the first companies starting machine manufacturing. As in every sector, stability is very important in our field, too. Growing does not only mean enlarging the factory area but it is also necessary to develop and grow in every field of production, employment, marketing, digitalization. We focused on garden furniture and did not produce products in a different field, which as a result further enhanced our design power and expertise. We collaborate with the best designers of Europe, namely from Italy to Belgium. Customer satisfaction is key to us and we do our best to meet their expectations as quickly and practically as possible. Our customers are familiar with our products, and the feedback and demands we receive from them inspire us for our new collections and we thus focus on producing better quality and functional products.

– How can you make a general assessment for the year 2020 for Işılplast? What were your goals at the beginning of the year and how has the developing conjuncture affected you so far? How have travel restrictions and the decline in tourism around the world reflected on your business?

COVID-19 has also affected us like it has all the other sectors, but as of February, we took the necessary measures and duly informed our employees and dealers. We aimed to reach many countries in the American continent in 2020, and when we evaluate the first half of it, we can say that we have achieved these goals. By keeping in touch with our customers and dealers at the highest level, we quickly responded to their demands and expectations. Although our sales, which were normally high in March and June, also experienced a decrease in the same period this year, the cancellation of travel restrictions and the tourism pickup in the summer have positively affected our sales. I would also like to state that the demands from online sales have also increased compared to that of the previous year. In countries such as France, the Netherlands and the USA, which are among the countries to which we export together with Turkey, sales through online channels increased 100 percent compared to that of the previous year, This year, there has been an intense demand for easy-to-clean mesh models for sun loungers preferred in summer houses, hotels and open spaces.

– In our world where negative perception management is made against plastic materials, you offer products of exceptional design and quality to the market. Do you have your own specific studies conducted against this perception?

We carry out our production by designing products suitable for the needs and demands of our customers. We respond to the expectations of our customers by considering the durable, price-product quality balance. Plastic furniture production is a quite advanced market in Turkey. While we have 25 different manufacturers in our country, the sum of EU countries does not have this number. We can suggest that we have covered a great distance in this segment. Turkey’s manufacturing power in plastics is promising and we are among the top then countries with its production power. We also believe we will be much more successful with our young population. As long as plastic products are used correctly and recycled, they do not harm the nature and are an indispensable material in today’s world.

– Finally, it is a proud step that a player from not only our country but also from the global plastics industry is the official sponsor of Turkish Airlines EuroLeague and Turkish Airlines EuroLeague Final Four. As a staunch Fenerbahçe fan, did you come up with the idea? Can you share with us how you made this decision and your satisfaction with your sponsorship decision?

I have been interested in basketball and been watching the games for many years. Turkish Airlines EuroLeague is one of the most popular sports leagues in the world, particularly in Europe. As a brand that has reached almost all of Europe, we especially want to conclude such a sponsorship. My brother, Taylan Işıldar, also had an important influence on our decision. With our goal of becoming a global brand, our cooperation started in 2018 as a global official sponsor. We are happy to take part in the new season of 2020-2021, too. We have had positive feedbacks from both domestic customers in Turkey and foreign customers seeing our brand for the first time. As a Turkish brand, we are proud to have signed such a sponsorship agreement.


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