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EVSID entertained buyers from 28 countries in Istanbul

EVSID entertained buyers from 28 countries in Istanbul

Engaging in the Turkish housewares industry with remarkable organizations accomplished in a three-year period from its foundation, The Turkish Housewares Manufacturers Association (EVSID) recently accomplished another organization by bringing overseas-based buyers to Turkey.

With the event ‘Turkish Housewares by Invitation Only’ organized for the second time by EVSID, 50 purchasing executives from 28 countries were entertained in Istanbul during two days. A number of bilateral business discussions held from 16 to 17 November 2017 paved the way for critical trading collaborations.

Taking the floor during the gala dinner of Turkish Housewares by Invitation Only, Burak Önder, the President of EVSID, reminded that it was three years since the association had been founded and remarked that the association organized committees and trade fairs for 15 countries in various locations of the world with intent to develop market diversity in Turkey and in the Turkish housewares industry within that period.

Pointing out that the association brought 38 buyers from 21 countries to Istanbul during the last year and increased this number to 28 countries and 50 companies this year, Önder said: “We offered a dream to both our companies and those guests we entertained in Turkey. We want all trading committees we form to touch our companies and our industry in the first place. We primarily tell about our country and our industry in every country and region we visit. This activity of ours, which we have been organizing for two years now, was attended by 90 percent of the foreign companies we invited.”

Referring an anecdote experienced by the association at the time of event, Burak Önder told about a conversation they had with foreign participants as follows: “Two ladies, who told that it was their first time in Turkey, said: ‘Our families did not want us to travel to Turkey as we were heading for here. However, we do love Istanbul very much and we wanted to travel and came here. Thank you for having changed our entire perception of this country.’ during bilateral negotiations.


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