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A first in the Turkish plastic processing machinery industry

A first in the Turkish plastic processing machinery industry

One of the top five European manufacturers of plasticizing equipment, Şenmak Machinery broke a new ground in the Turkish plastic processing machinery industry. “Şenmak R&D Center”, having the appropriate qualifications and criteria as per the applicable legislation, became the first registered R&D Center in the Turkish plastic machinery industry as certified by the Turkish Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology.

Şenmak gains momentum regarding growth, incorporating this R&D Center into its manufacturing activities carried out in Istanbul. Awarded the “R&D Center Certificate”, Şenmak will bring its activities of developing innovative products and know-how in plasticizing equipment together with the plastics industry with such activities maintained at the R&D center.

R&D activities to bring a vision to the Turkish plastics industry

Indicating that research and development activities have been carried out based on needs for many years, Hüseyin Semerci, General Manager for Şenmak, said, “We have realized that R&D should be a component of permanent corporate culture as a result of conditions introduced by today’s competitiveness and our company’s strategy of growth and requirement for branding in global markets. Our priorities in our R&D activities are to avoid import, enhance our export and manufacture indispensable value-added products, of course. Develop alternative high value-added products for the league of conventional products undergoing fierce competition. Our project repository has over 20 projects, four of which were submitted to our Ministry as kick off projects and approved. With the support of our Ministry, we will introduce longer-lasting products with higher capacity and plasticizing capability to the plastics industry thanks to our new R&D Center.

Semerci remarked that they were proud of being the supplier of most prominent European machine manufacturers renowned worldwide with their plasticizing equipment manufacturing and said, “We are paying attention to develop cost-cutting solutions that enhance efficiency and quality not only during our own manufacturing, but also for our customers to whom we deliver goods.

Having noted that 4 R&D projects were already in progress, Mehmet Satılmış, R&D Director for Şenmak, said, “We are projecting a R&D expenditure of about $4 million in 2 years’ time. Satılmış, who remarked that they supported vocational training of R&D staff to stimulate them towards the profession, said, “We are supporting the related staff members to let them continue their postgraduate education, if they have a bachelor’s degree and their doctoral education, if they have a master’s degree.


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