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5 billion discarded breads recycled into plastics

5 billion discarded breads recycled into plastics

The Plastic Move is a biotechnology initiative that makes bioplastic/plastic raw materials from 5 billion waste breads discarded in a year just in Turkey.

“Currently, we reduce the plastic raw materials used by plastics manufacturers and consumers down to 20 percent thanks to the product of the Plastic Move. Our initiative is intended to make corporate entities prepared for a set of regulations included in the European Green Deal, such as carbon border tax, as well as to raise positive interest in this respect among the conscious community and thus among customers”, says Busra Koksal, Founding Partner of the Plastic Move.

Busra Koksal told the starting journey of Plastic Move as follows: “We felt that we need to take a step towards solving the climate crisis. Regulations or bioplastics are not the only thing that will solve the plastic waste issue. Companies seek a solution to this, and consequently steer towards the bioplastics industry. On the other hand, maize cultivation is needed for bioplastics today. Maize cultivation results in the consumption of many resources, such as food, oil, water, etc. Producing a product that emits methane gas as a result of an unsustainable model is far from being a solution to this issue. The starting point of our initiative developed just when we noticed this dilemma. Extracting the starch used in bioplastics production from discarded breads rather than engaging in maize cultivation, we do not only carry out production through a sustainable model, but also contribute to the circular economy. We improve our initiative with the support of various organizations, and take firm steps forward.”

Source: Dünya


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