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Turkish plastics instructors will train Europeans

Turkish plastics instructors will train Europeans

The training specialists of Ege Engineering and Consulting, which has been engaged in training and consulting activities intended for the Turkish plastics industry for over 10 years, are taking radical steps to share their experience and knowledge with stakeholders abroad.

Having offered the opportunity of scientific and technical plastics training for over a thousand industrial professionals at home until today, Ege Engineering allows its customers to have advantages for their production operations, such as energy saving and production efficiency. Contributing to the training of employees within the industry additionally, the instructors of Ege Engineering will now contribute to the development of Bulgarian plastics industry through the collaboration with the Bulgarian Association Polymers (BAP).

During the visit paid by Erol Türker, the Training Director at Ege Engineering, in August under the said collaboration, a meeting was held at the Bulgarian Association Polymers as attended by Cvetanka Todorova, the Chairman of the Association, and Emiliya Kulinska, the Secretary General. Having given insight to the Turkish plastics market and actual training and specific project activities within the framework of the visit, Erol Türker, the Training Director at Ege Engineering, also obtained information on the Bulgarian plastics market.

Having remarked that almost all of the companies based across Bulgaria consisted of small- and medium-sized enterprises, Cvetanka Todorova, the Chairman of the Bulgarian Association Polymers, said that they fell short to meet the needs of companies in technical training.

Engin Cantürk, the Founding Partner of Ege Engineering, who described the content of the collaboration agreement, remarked that they would organize training activities on behalf of the Bulgarian Association Polymers for the purposes of training sessions in subjects needed by plastics, polymer, rubber, composite and chemical industries on the Bulgarian plastics market and they were the sole authorized body for training subjects, most needed and intended within the country, as a result of the actual collaboration.

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