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PAGDER announced the industry profile 2018

PAGDER announced the industry profile 2018

The Turkish Plastics Industrialists’ Association (PAGDER) announced the industrial expectations for 2018. The report published by PAGDER remarked that the industrial production is expected to shrink in 2018 and the exports appear to have an indication of rise.

Selçuk Gülsün, Chairman of the Turkish Plastics Industrialists’ Association (PAGDER), reminded that the Turkish plastics industry achieved 8 percent growth in 2017 and said, “The estimation for 2018 is that the turnover figure will be $36.5 billion with about 6 percent shrinkage in quantity and a processing capacity of 9.5 million tons and about 5 percent decline in value. One of the effective factors of this shrinkage was the slowdown in economic activities of many industries in both Europe and Turkey to which the plastics industry supply goods, such as automotive, white goods, construction, electrical-electronics and furniture.

The increased raw material costs triggered by rising oil prices and the declined rate of sales and investments seem to develop the background of the shrinkage in the plastics industry.”
Reporting the actual 25 percent increase in raw materials, 10 percent in final products and 30 percent in plastic processing machines on the exports side, Gülsün said, “One of our expectations is to improve our commercial relations with our foreign trade partners, particularly with Europe.

Based on the data included in PAGDER’s report, the annual average rate of quantitative growth in the global plastic raw material and product production is about 5.5 percent between 1976 – 2002.The global plastic product production reached roughly 350 million tons in 2018. The last year’s growth rate was 1.5 percent across the EU which ranks second in the production of plastic products and has the most challenging rules specifically in terms of regulations governing the plastics industry.


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