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A young entrepreneur produced domestic filament for 3D printers

A young entrepreneur produced domestic filament for 3D printers

Serhat Oran, who is a doctoral student at Yalova University, Department of Polymer Engineering, started to produce domestic filament for 3D printers in Porima that he founded with the donations received from the competitions he participated. Serhat Oran reminded that many products used in heavy industry, aviation, health and defense industries started to be manufactured using layered manufacturing technologies and stated that this technology is frequently used in preliminary preparations of special and sophisticated products including prototypes.

In addition, Porima started to sell the filament that can be used in PLA IMPACT 3D printers developed by R&D processes. The website of the company indicates that since the product has very low thermal contraction value, it enables the printing of 3D products with higher resolution and better mechanical and thermal properties than standard PLA. It is reported that the product can print 50 percent faster than other materials thanks to enhanced crystalline structure and therefore it allows for the production of complex parts (to the smallest detail) besides having high resolution prints. It is stated that this structure that prevents deformation of parts also ensures printing without support of parallel bridges and also offers the advantages of biodegradation, odorless structure and easy processing as well as allowing for the manufacturing of products with improved features which are as durable as ABS material.



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